Work Experience


IVI, Moscow, Russia

  • Development of users' saved filters of movies using Python and MongoDB
  • Development of various utilities to register users, recover purchases and transfer them bonuses
  • Development of rate limiting service for advertisement service
  • Improved communication skills in a team
  • Backend Development (Go, Python, ElasticSearch, MongoDB and Postgresql)

Infotech Group, Moscow, Russia

  • Worked in a team of 7-10 people(developers/testers/managers/analysts)
  • Design & Development of reliable microservices
  • Added Lots of changes/features/bugfixes to user's profiles
  • Developed and maintained microservice for user authentication
  • Developed a chat bot that must send issues(generated by users) to the platform that we built
  • Developed e-commerce platform that connects citizens with government to solve civil engineering issues
  • Develop call center platform on top of a FreeSwitch project
  • Backend development (Go, GRPC, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Postgresql and Docker)

Regium LTD, Moscow, Ryazan oblast, Russia

  • Develop​ed ​and​ ​maintain​ed ​administrative​ ​backend​ & ​frontend​ ​of​ ​corporate platform
  • Data​ ​Analysis​ ​and​ ​calculation​ ​of​ ​basic​ ​regression​ ​using​ ​R​ ​language
  • Backend Development (​Go,​ ​JavaScript,​ ​Docker,​ ​MongoDB and ​SSDB(Redis alternative))

Newmax Technologies, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

  • Develop​ment of ​scalable service that can handle the level of traffic that was problematic at that time to handle with PHP code
  • Backend Development (​Go,​ JavaScript with React/Flux,​ ​MySQL and ​Redis)



B.S with Honours in Business Information Systems