Work Experience

2018 — 2019, Moscow, Russia

The best work experience I've ever had. I worked in several projects at ivi, but mostly in a "adv team". We (the team of 5-6 people) developed a new adv server using Go, the previous server was written in Python. The SCRUM methodology at work leveraged our team's skills and made us more productive making the overall development roadmap more transparent.

  • Development of users' saved filters of movies using Python and MongoDB.
  • Development of various utilities to register users, recover purchases and transfer them bonuses.
  • Development of rate limiting service for advertisement service.
  • Improved communication skills in a team.
  • Backend Development (Go, Python, ElasticSearch, MongoDB and PostgreSQL)

2016 — 2018 Infotech Group, Moscow, Russia

I worked in a small team and taught basics of Go language to junior developers. The projects that I worked in are diverse: GPS systems, implementation of binary protocols (Teltonika, ...), Telegram bots, web site parsers, webapps. All of them were developed using Go.

  • Worked in a team of 7-10 people (developers/testers/managers/analysts)
  • Design & Development of reliable microservices
  • Developed and maintained to user's profile service
  • Developed and maintained microservice for user authentication
  • Developed a chat bot that must send issues(generated by users) to the platform that we built
  • Developed e-commerce platform that connects citizens with government to solve civil engineering issues
  • Develop call center platform on top of a FreeSwitch project
  • Backend development (Go, Consul, gRPC, ElasticSearch, Kafka, PostgreSQL and Docker)

2016 — 2016 Regium LTD, Moscow, Ryazan oblast, Russia

Worked on a web application that is used by staff to administer the email marketing automation platform using Go and JavaScript. Moreover, implemented forecasting algorithm that predicts if the clients are alive (stopped using our service) BTYD (Buy Till You Die) library using R scripting language.

  • Develop​ed ​and​ ​maintain​ed ​administrative​ ​backend​ & ​frontend​ ​of​ ​corporate platform
  • Data​ ​Analysis​ ​and​ ​calculation​ ​of​ ​basic​ ​regression​ ​using​ ​R​ ​language
  • Backend Development (​Go,​ ​JavaScript,​ ​Docker,​ ​MongoDB and ​SSDB (Redis alternative))

2013 — 2015 Newmax Technologies, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

  • Developed a service from scratch that powered frontend part of the webapp that showed car's positions on the map and statuses in realtime (Go, WebSockets, React).
  • Develop​ment of ​scalable service that can handle the level of traffic that was problematic at that time to handle with PHP code
  • Backend Development (​Go,​ JavaScript with React/Flux,​ ​MySQL and ​Redis)


2012-2016 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

B.S with Honours in Business Information Systems at WIUT (Westminster International University in Tashkent)